About Project 16

Habitat for Humanity — Teen Experience Tour ’22

Teen Affirmations – Teen Experience Tour ’22

Time to Talk Counseling Initiative

Financial Literacy — Teen Experience Tour ’22

Teens Tie Dye at AT&T Discovery District – Teen Experience Tour ’22

Know Your Rights Courtroom — Teen Experience Tour ’22

Time to Talk Counseling

Teen Etiquette & Fine Dining – Teen Experience Tour ’22

About Time to Talk Teen Counseling Initiative

2018 Fundraiser & Local Love Awards

“I Am What I See” Career Day at Dan Powell Intermediate School

Project 16’s “Artist for a Day” Creative Camp with Ponchavelli

2018 Promo Makeovers

Project 16 Teaches Tie Tying

Fall 2017 Fall Painting Class

2017 Fundraiser & Local Love Awards

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