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We’re passionate about providing gateways to new worlds and foster relationships with our children and their families. Every program at Project 16 is a step towards expanding horizons for our kids and teens.

Got a knack for teaching? Love your career and want to share how you got there? Or simply a heart full of enthusiasm for kids? Help us offer transformative experiences and education to the next generation of leaders.

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With the unwavering support of our volunteers, partners, sponsors and donors, we’re bringing unique experiences and big dreams to more kids and teens across Dallas/Ft. Worth. Let’s help more!

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Helping Kids Shine

Project 16’s mission is to equip and inspire youth to realize the broad spectrum of educational paths and career options available to them beyond what they may see in their immediate surroundings. Founded in Dallas in 2015 by media personality and entrepreneur, Jade “Lady Jade” Burrowes, we’ve strived to serve children and teens from underserved communities and introduce them to the world beyond their zip codes.  

Focusing on our three-pillar approach — Education, Exposure and Mental Health—  our programs and community partnerships offer up close access, eye-opening experiences and educational tools to help young people aspire higher than their circumstances, and to dream big!


Hand in Hand, We Grow

Project 16 is dedicated to transforming the lives of minority children in at-risk communities through a holistic approach that encompasses education, exposure, and mental well-being. Our mission is to equip these young individuals with essential life skills, nurturing their personal growth and resilience.


Our Three Core Pillars


We are committed to equipping students with essential life skills crucial for their post-high school lives. By offering practical education beyond traditional academics, we ensure these young people possess the necessary tools to thrive and function in society. 

We are dedicated to exposing minority neighborhood youth, not only to diverse activities and opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings but also, to a spectrum of career possibilities. 

We place a significant emphasis on the mental well-being of minority teenagers. Understanding the prevalent stigma surrounding counseling and therapy within minority communities, we are deliberate in providing therapy and counseling services specifically tailored for this age group.


The Teen Experience Tour is your gateway to a world of possibilities. Through these field trips, teens have the chance to explore even more exciting opportunities and careers, build your confidence, and acquire essential life skills. We believe that every teen deserves the chance to excel, and we’re here to empower you on your journey to adulthood.

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