Hand in Hand, We Grow

From immersive field trips to individual counseling services and devoted mentorships, Project 16 offers programs tailored to develop children and teens into thriving young adults full of hope and inspiration. We’re here to support, teach, and inspire the next generation.

Our Time to Talk teen counseling program provides a safe space for teens to express their thoughts and feelings. Our experienced counselors offer support, guidance, and coping strategies to help them navigate life’s challenges.

We also offer teens the opportunity to embark on unforgettable adventures and unique experiences through our Teen Experience Tour program. From outdoor adventures to educational and creative workshops, we encourage teens to explore, learn, and grow. Also, these Tours are where our students learn life skills in conjunction with the hands-on experiences/activities, which encompass 2 of our 3 core pillars.

Our Three Core Pillars


We are committed to equipping students with essential life skills crucial for their post-high school lives. By offering practical education beyond traditional academics, we ensure these young people possess the necessary tools to thrive and function in society. 

We are dedicated to exposing minority neighborhood youth, not only to diverse activities and opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings but also, to a spectrum of career possibilities. 

We place a significant emphasis on the mental well-being of minority teenagers. Understanding the prevalent stigma surrounding counseling and therapy within minority communities, we are deliberate in providing therapy and counseling services specifically tailored for this age group.

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