General Programming

Project 16’s structured programming, activities, curricula, and other resources are designed to support young people in at-risk environments with navigating peer pressure, developing confidence and leadership traits, transitioning to high school and ultimately preparing for graduation. Skill areas include recognizing and developing healthy friendships and relationships, strengthening written and verbal communication skills, life skills classes, etiquette, introduction to financial literacy, college preparation and much more.

Help us to continue providing invaluable opportunities for our kids to succeed.

“Suited for Success” Workshops

With the help of volunteers and skills program facilitators, we provide valuable workshops designed to build confidence and teach young girls and boys about self-esteem, respecting others and etiquette, hygiene/grooming, professional presentation and attire, the traits of success, a tie tying demonstration (boys) and much more. Since implementing these workshops three years ago, we’ve continually received positive feedback from teachers and school administrators about the immediate impact this specific program has had on students. Through additional resources and partnerships, we hope to reach even more children and teens in 2019.

“I Am What I See” Career Exploration Program

In 2018, we are introduced multiple “I Am What I See” Career Days to area elementary and middle schools as a part of our career exploration program to introduce students to unique career possibilities with the help of local dynamic professionals and mentors. Through these independent events and partnerships around the metroplex, professionals from a wide range of industries are able to speak to large assemblies and classrooms of students to share their personal journeys and educational paths that equipped them to become passionate entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, medical professionals and more. The significance of introducing children to careers outside of what they typically see in their daily environments cannot be understated, and we’ve seen the impact of these introductions lead to freshly inspired dreams and ambitions.

Join us in planting seeds of professional excellence!

Early Entrepreneurs

The addition of our Early Entrepreneurs program for children and teens aims to teach leadership, how to set financial goals and manage budgets, basic marketing and advertising tasks and how to follow standard business operating procedures. These key objectives also help to establish not only entrepreneurial principles, but a working knowledge of how businesses operate in general. Equipping young people with critical thinking skills by allowing children to put those skills into practice through semester-long ‘business launch’ projects helps to instill confidence and creativity in leadership and problem-solving and opens their eyes to the endless opportunities available to them as business owners.

Creative Camps for the Arts

We believe that exposure to art helps improve creativity, confidence, visual learning and focus. This program provides on-location arts teaching and exposure from professional artists in the areas of dance, theater, music, drawing and painting and more.  Participants will also experience afterschool field-trips to Dallas-Fort Worth’s major points of interest in the Arts District and surrounding landmarks including the Dallas Museum of Art, The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, the Dallas Children’s Theatre, Fair Park Music Hall, the AT&T Performing Arts Center and much more. Through exposing teens to these areas of interest around Dallas, we hope to light a match that will spark the flame of their own discovery of expression through the arts.

Help us continue providing artistic outlets for our youth.

Extreme Prom Makeovers

Out of a concern for some students financial inability to attend their senior proms, Project 16 provides deserving DFW students with brand new prom dresses or suits of their choice, new shoes and accessories, professional hairstyles and haircuts by the city’s top hairstylists and barbers as well as full makeover by professional makeup artists. In 2019, we hope to be able to offer at least 75 prom makeovers.

Help us to continue sending seniors to the prom.